A New Position

Sorry, we're not talking about a new sex position, but something better!

How many of you come home from work and SIT in your favorite chair for the rest of the evening? Uh...I believe that's called a couch potato isn't it? I know those of you working jobs requiring manual or mental labor come home exhausted and want nothing, but to rest your body for the next work day.

Hubby and I have a phrase that we say when we're about to SIT... Assume the Position!
This means we are prepared to sit on our behind in front of the television for the rest of the evening. Yes, it's usually hubby Assuming the Position! and I appreciate his 'warning' because I know he's had a long, hard day and to not ask him to do anymore labor driven jobs.

Weeeeeell, yesterday hubby came home and found a new position! That's him in the photo above changing the vacuum cleaner bag and cleaning behind the refrigerator PLUS he repaired a leak the refrigerator had. You go, boiiiiiiii. When he finished, I told him he deserved to Assume the Position.

A couch potato spouse can be hard to peel away from the sitting position, but keep in mind...for a man to work all day, he believes (in his mind) that it is his divine right to come home and Assume the Position! Not only does he believe this, but he also believes he is the King of the castle and he expects to be served!


Quiskaeya said...

I was never very good at recognizing when my hubby needed to "assume the position". I'm finally (I'm a slow learner) that he does deserve to assume the position at times. He's realizing that I need my 30 (maybe 60...lol)mins of undivided attention a couple of times a week where I can talk to him about things. When he gives me the talk time & he get's to assume the position everything is...well we are getting there!

MOMSWEB said...

Quiskaeya, we're STILL getting there! LOL!

Spirit Filled said...

LOL!!! It's our responsibility to let them "think" that's the way it is... : )