NOTHING works in a marriage like the power of prayer. 
No counselor, book, preacher, church, technique,
tips, steps, or your own ideas.

If you tried everything else, try GOD. 
I'm a living witness...we've been to hell and back several times and on the verge of divorce more than once and STILL going through the trials of life and NOTHING works like God through the power of prayer.

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Wanda said...

You're sharing a truth that so many need to hear. In today's society we're prone to want things fast. If things don't go right with this person, oh well, move to the next one. I applaud your openness about the struggles in your marriage and your willingness to endure with prayer.

Quiskaeya said...

I hear you loud and clear. Sometimes I wonder if I didn't pray hard enough, long enough, didn't say the right word... But in the end I know that although my marriage ended, there was a very powerful lesson I learned in all my prayers - even the unanswered ones. God is still in control despite the outcome and I learned to lean on him through it all.

Great message.

Amber said...

God is the only one who can restore what's lost in your marriage. My hubby and I were on the virge on the big bad "D" a few years back.
I and sometimes we tried everything, except prayer.
Finally after some other life changes, prayer was brought back into our marriage. Now after many, many prayers and a lot of hard work we are a happy couple and have a great marraige.

God and prayer are the only answer!