What a Man Wants

I'm revisiting the book, "Fascinating Womanhood" by Helen Andelin. The book was written in 1963, so of course it has the old fashioned values of marriage, but values really haven't changed - people have. The book shares 'inspirational feminine secrets that can save your marriage and enrich your life'.

I'll be sharing a few excerpts from the book as I read it. It's that good! Everyone can improve their marriage and since mine is on a high right now, I'd like to keep it there for a while. 

Fascinating Womanhood Excerpt:

"The ideal woman from a man's point of view is divided into two parts. The one part is her spiritual qualifications. We will call this side of her the Angelic. The other part relates to her human characteristics. We will call this side of her the Human. The Angelic side of a woman has to do with her basic good character, her ability to understand men, their feelings, needs, and sensitive nature. It also includes her domestic skills and the ability to succeed in her feminine role in the home. It includes a quality of inner happiness or tranquility of spirit which is a part of womanly beauty.
The Human side refers to a woman's appearance, manner, and actions and includes the charms of femininity, radiance, and a quality of dependence upon men for their care, protection, and guidance. It also includes good health and a feminine dignity of spirit or spunk. The Angelic and the Human combine  to make the perfect woman from the man's point of view. They are both essential in winning his genuine love."

To be continued...

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