Can You Change Your Husband?

Fascinating Womanhood Excerpt: 

Why do Women Try to Change Men?

1. For Her Own Good.
His faults bring problems and deprivation int her life, robbing her of some of the things she really wants.

2. For His Own Good.
Many well meaning women will say, "If you really love and care about someone, it is important to see that they get the best out of life. Therefore, I must change my husband for his own good."

There are four reasons why women should not try to change men.
1. It creates marriage problems.
2. It can destroy love.
3. It can cause a man to rebel.
4. It doesn't work.

Hubby says I changed him a lot when we met. He SAYS I started dressing him like a nerd. Excuse me? He was already dressing like a homeless nerd, so I HAD to help him out! I also gave him a little culture like exposing him to plays and musicals and other things to do on dates besides dinner and a movie. Well, you may not be able to change a man, but you can sure give him some training!

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Anonymous said...

I do not want to change my husband, I just wish he would talk to me,and stop all the yelling...