Are Women Equal to Men?

I always knew this, but it actually came out of his mouth.  My husband doesn't believe men and women are equal because man was created first. Oh. my. goodness.

Honey, I knew you were old school, but this is back in the woods NO school thinking. Sigh....God help me.

My response to hubby? I simply said, "Goodnight Irene."


Bill C said...

Emotional response. Way to prove your logic is superior.
(And to be fair, it can just as easily be used the other way around. )

However, men and woman are NOT equal, and any kindergartner knows it.
We can make a person (male or female) equal before the law (we don't, women get better - lesser sentencing, more compassion, therapy and understanding... while men get executed, imprisoned, etc.). But we cannot change that men are generally larger, taller, stronger. Hormones may change muscle factors and body fat; they don't reverse each other, or even counteract each other.
Worse, if you DEMAND that women have equal OUTCIMES as men, then you'll need to start rakign women over the coals in divorces; allow male custody of children BY DEFAULT; allow restraining orders against a woman to be rubber-stamped on his say-so; throw women out of their homes, deny visitation with children, and force them to pay alimony.
Remove the qualification standards (as is almost the case in the military/police/fire) and you'll STILL have more men pass those requirements than women. Further, to get a 50% female military, you need to induct more women; military life is less a choice these women would want, so now you need to draft them - AND make them fight front lines, AND DIE IN GREATER NUMBERS until they account for 50% of combat and non-combat military deaths.
And you need to give up all chivalry, as men treating women with that level of deference would be ... UNEQUAL.

Please be aware of what you're actually saying. If you want me to clean up the dishes after you cook, I can deal with that. If you then complain about how I did the dishes, and how I dried them, and how I put them away, I feel perfectly justified treating you like a man who did such a thing - and knocking your teeth out.

Refer to me as "unhappily cohabitating because she talked me into putting her name on the mortgage even though she didn't have a job but convinced me it wasn't marriage"

MOMSWEB said...

Bill C thank you for your comment and I agree with you - I do. I guess my thoughts of being equal aren't on the basis of gender, but mankind or should I say humankind. I am no less a human being and shouldn't be treated as such. My husband probably was thinking along the same lines as your comment and I thank you for clearing this up for me. I say this with all sincerity because you cleared up my inability to clearly explain the difference in being CREATED equal in humankind and men and women being equal. No, we are not equal - given the points you made.

Bill C said...

Created as equally valuable I will readily concede.
I can even allow a certain biological necessity for preservation of women over men. (Doomsday scenario being 1 man and 99 women compared with 1 woman and 99 men; more women means more children means a tribe survives. The converse is not true.)

If I cleared the reasoning up, I'm glad. I hope I wasn't too harsh - many people respond badly when violence is even mentioned (unless it's a man getting hurt - if he takes a shot to his gonads, it's hilarious, right...?)


Thank you for being so civil in your response, too. I was not so kind when I started writing.

Rhapsody B. said...

All to often "we" get too caught up in equality question instead of recognizing the humanity in each other. Recognizing that regardless of the creation order women are human, no lesser worthy because they were created after. The notion that man is better is ego filled and dismissive of women's worth. Women bring meaning to life because the Divine master assigns her to bring life into the world. She is not entrusted with this sacred tasks because she is second best, lesser than or unequally yoked. She is given this blessing because she is equal to her counterpart; it takes them both to conceive both equally contributing in the conception but it takes her to make that conception a reality.

By virtue of God's choice and trust for women to not only hold the other contributing part of the conception plan but to also be the vessel in which the miracle of life is nourished and protected and then brought forth into the light of the earth risking her own life he has bestowed equality because without her it ain't happening. So in the eyes of "man" who is fallible it matters little what he thinks for the Divine has already ordained it so because he entrust her with the gift of life.


Rhapsody B. said...

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congrats and thank you for sharing your humor and wisdom

Bill C said...

Your comment cuts both ways: if women wish to be respected, they must treat men with respect, too.
If women deserve special respect for their admittedly unique (so far) ability to bring new life into the world, then do men deserve respect? In any way? Anything that makes them unique?
That is the problem now, women are competing with men in almost every field. Job, politics, even at home.

Speaking as an unmarried man with a long-term live-in girlfriend, had I known when she and I let what I know now about the female animal, well let's just say I would've been far less polite and generous.
You have not done the marriage issue any favors; rather, you repeat how it is all about the woman.

We men get it; women don't need us.
Now kindly stop inflicting yourselves on us. That includes as wards of the state under VAWA, child support, alimony, "will arrest" policies, no drop prosecution policies, sentencing discounts, the angelic images, flirting your way out of tickets, into bars and clubs, etc.
It is not men who have turned women into objects, it is women. Nature's credit card is overdrawn, Blanche... (Golden Girls reference, if you're lucky enough to not know.)