Marriage isn't what I make it, but what it makes me. Marriage molds two people into one through the trials, challenges, and storms of life. The more severe the storm, the stronger we stand.

Don't bail out, but pray to endure! Just when you're about to throw in the towel, the sun will peek through the dark clouds offering a ray of hope. Only the strong survive in marriage.


Rhapsody B. said...
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Rhapsody B. said...

There is some truth to that providing both parties are willing to work on it. Address their individual short commings and contributing factors that lead to the breakdown/challenges. One hand cannot clap though one may be able to make a sound by slapping ones hands against the wall it only be a matter of time before the pain begins to reverberate.

Some marriages are not worth saving especially when there is a significant amount of depravity, physical, emotional, financial, verbal, and psychological abuse. Sometimes not all of it can be repaired.

Have a blessed week.
Thanks for sharing the word.

Wonderful Wordsmith said...

OMG...what happened to the happily ever after...all those fantasy type fairy tales...Mama didn't tell her lil' girlz that the castle had a mortgage and utilities needed to be kept on to live there...that when Prince Charming went "nutz," we'd have to be there to pick up the pieces, dust his ego and put our needs on the back burner...the back burner...we gotta cook in this happily ever after too?