How Long?

Lately, I've been meeting older women who have stayed in their marriages although they are not happy.  This is old school love...the til death we do part kinda love that seems to be leaving the new school marriages of today.

The fact is, there is no old school or new school marriage. Marriage has always been and will always's the people in the marriage that have lost values, morals, and respect for not only marriage but obviously their mate.

Take a look at your marriage. Are you willing to put up with what you might be sick and tired of til death or are you ready to just throw in the towel because you're sick and tired?

Remember this, if you are a Believer, God hasn't gotten sick and tired of you!

Hmmm...I'm chewing on that statement myself!


Rhapsody B. said...
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Rhapsody B. said...
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MOMSWEB said...

Rhapsody, I accidentally deleted your most beneficial post! If you would, please explain degradation in marriage. You mentioned this being one reason for divorce.