I Can't Stand My Husband

A woman said this to me recently and I have to admit this same thought has crossed my mind in my earlier years of marriage. How in the world does a handsome, fun-loving man turn into an ugly stick in the mud? LOL

I have to laugh at this because this thought is common among many wives. It may not be a feeling that remains in our hearts and minds, but the thought pops in and out from time to time.

What causes such disturbed thoughts? Probably disturbed actions towards each other, unspoken and unresolved conflicts, hurt feelings, unmet needs, no quality time, becoming a low priority (low on the food chain), and a few other relationship woes. Trust me, there is a rainbow at the end of the tunnel, but please remember rainbows aren't visible without rain.

It will probably take YOU to seek and find the rainbow. I know, I know, why do you have to be the peacemaker? As a selfish and stubborn person myself, I can't stand living in strife and tension for days and days. Good grief, talk about this mess and move on! We can either learn to be humble and allow God to empower us to get over Self or we can be miserable.

I've been there before (many times) and it's not worth the 'unhappily' moments between you and your spouse. As Nike says, Just Do It. Show some simple acts of kindness, plan a date night, express your feelings (in the right tone), PRAY, PRAY, and PRAY.

If you believe God brought you together, make it happen and enjoy being TOGETHER not separate! God doesn't change his mind, people do.

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