Sick Husbands

Hubby is an extremely hard worker and it is funny as heck to watch my 6'3" man turn into a baby when he becomes ill. It's tooo funny! I have a hard time adjusting to his child-like ways and he definitely looks for the motherly compassion that I have to dig deep to deliver.

It comes natural for me to play nurse maid to our sons, but a man in pull ups is hilarious to me. Is he serious? What ever happened to, "You're not my mother." Make up your you want me to be your mother or not?"

Not all men are like this - some are just the opposite. You can't get them to admit they feel bad, take medicine, or go to the hospital.

I think the funniest part about men getting sick is that they are never too sick to get busy in the bedroom.  Wait a minute...I thought you were sick!

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