Older Women and Wisdom

I spoke with a dear friend yesterday who is in her 60s and has been divorced for many years. I shared my peri-menopausal marriage emotions with her and she told me she would love to be married again.
 "What? Why?"

I couldn't wrap my mind around her comment, but continued to listen. I mean, my goodness...why at 60 years old would you want to complicate your life? She mentioned having companionship and how the marriage would definitely have to be about compromise. She said a few other things that made sense. I begin to process her words in my peri-menopausal mind and thought....well, once in my 60s, I have no idea what my emotions will be. You sure can't throw people away and pick them up based on emotions.

The word that stuck the most in my head was compromise. As couples grow older and change, compromise must definitely play a major role and this only comes with communication.

With age comes wisdom.

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