Remember the movie, Misery? 

This was the first movie we saw together. We saw it in Miami, Florida when our ship pulled into port.  Gooood Movie! Misery came on television again this weekend and although we only caught the end of it, I told hubby I should have known by our first date that I was going to have a life of hell and horror. LOL!

Love is blind and I didn't know my husband enjoyed scary movies so much. He read a lot of Stephen King while we dated and I just didn't catch the signs. Horror and scary movies...I can't stand them, but hubby loves them. I watch them with him sometimes and he enjoys it, but Mama always told me not to start something I wasn't going to finish. Well, I started watching scary movies with hubby by watching Misery, so I'm stuck.

I also told hubby this is how we should begin celebrating our anniversaries. Going out to dinner and watching Misery! Sounds like a book title doesn't it? Marriage and Misery. LOL!

I'm so happy we both have a sense of humor!

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