I'm Leaving!

I always joke (I think I'm joking) with hubby about leaving him when the boys leave for college. Once the boys graduate, I won't have to cook or clean as much. FREEDOM! Hubby and I can do our own thing and go our separate ways.  Well, I recently reminded hubby of this thought while at my parent's home this weekend and guess what hubby did? He immediately ran and told my parents like they would rescue him or something. It was hilarious! I pictured a little boy running to tell that his friend said a bad word. Are you serious?

I'm not sure what my parents told him, but I heard a lot of laughter. Hubby later told me he couldn't believe I would leave him in the cold. I let him know I would wait until the summer months if that would help him. LOL!
Humor in a marriage is medicinal for me. If I take it too seriously all the time, I don't think I would be here.

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Believer's Blog said...

Giving up my "me" time is one of the hardest things I face in the idea of getting married. I have wanted to be married for a really long time. As the days come closer for me to realize that it will soon become a reality, I think of what I will be loosing. But it is the beauty of all a family and husband offers that make me realize it is well worth the trade. I think you'll end up with more freedom than you probably really want. :)