Let Me Help You

When hubby and the boys asks me what I want for Mother's day, I usually say the motherly correct answers such as, "being your mother is the only gift I need" or "Nothing, I have everything I could ever want or need" or "Love, Peace, and Happiness"
 This Mother's Day was different. I made a list of specific things I wanted. It wasn't a long list, but just a few of my favorite things: sushi, chocolate ice cream, Chunkie Chips, control of the television remote, and to be left alone.

I received everything on my list and it was the best Mother's Day I ever had. Hmmm...I guess I need to help them out more often instead of hoping they'll think of things I enjoy or hoping they'll do anything at all. Believe me, I've had Mother's Day celebrations where I ended up in the kitchen cooking. I'm not a big fan of Mother's Day anyway, but who doesn't want to be validated? If mothers only have one day out of the year, good grief get it right!

Hubby was happy yesterday also because I was happy. He didn't stress the big day and as a matter of fact, he went overboard and purchased a few other snacks to make my day special. I couldn't eat everything, but I sure tried. I enjoy food instead of flowers....take me to dinner instead of a move!

This morning, Kevin mentioned that Mother's Day is the only day I can make a list. Hmmm..my birthday is next month, so I guess he caught a clue. Too funny! All these years I expected him to make those special days special and all those years, he needed a little help from his HELPMATE. Some men are good at it and some need a little help. My hubby needed a little help.

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