Updating My Marriage!

If my frequency to write on this site is any indication to how I treat my marriage, I'm headed for destruction. It's been a while since I posted here...LIFE happens. The family gets busy and I get distracted, so certain things are put on the back burner.

I tend to treat my marriage the same way - placing it on the back burner until I remember..."Oh! my husband needs some attention; he's supposed to be first!" Oops... As I mentioned, LIFE happens and the family gets busy, but keeping marriage a priority is so crucial. This weekend, I'll have to do a few special things to let hubby know he's still number one. Whether I feel like doing anything or not, letting time go by without nurturing your spouse takes a toll on the marriage.

Just as I've neglected this site, my husband has been neglected also. Do I feel neglected? LOL! Of course I do, but I must do MY part. Remember, how our spouse treats us is not our business. That's between them and God. I must do MY part and be accountable for my own actions! It doesn't matter if the spouse is understanding or not and it doesn't matter if they are guilty of this also. Every spouse wants to feel validated, feel special, and know they are number one!

I feel better knowing I've updated this site, so I KNOW I'll feel better updating my marriage! It's time for renewal!

Be good to your spouse!


Rhapsody B. said...
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Rhapsody B. said...

I find myself wanting to postulate due to this entry, then I stop myself. I set my fingers on the keyboard ready to respond in a snap snap, head shaking, finger snaping, fist pumping, hand on the hip fierce looking way and I then pause thinking, trying to analyze what is really being articulated. Unwilling to get into the ego driven, judgmental modes of behavior I instead I withdrawn refusing to luled into trap of drawing suppositions, assumptions and detertiminations and simply accept what is shared as your truth as you live it, express it and experience it.

What I will share is the emotions evoked in me as I read this entry the biggest one being sadness, resentance to what seem like a sendatary existence with overt chains and shackles. Perhaps I am reading too much into it?

Never the less I enjoyed what seem like brutal honesty and for that it need not be judged.


MOMSWEB said...

"Perhaps I am reading too much into it?"


Rhapsody B. said...

I accept that.
thanks for sharing, have a blessed week.