Words Hurt

While perusing through the pages of The 10 Commandments of Marriage by Ed Young, I came across the below passage and wanted to share.

"You know how most men and women respond to conflicts in marriage? They react with harsh words. They retaliate. They offer insult for insult. For instance,

  • "Why do you wear your wedding ring on the wrong finger?" a wife asks.  Because it reminds me I married the wrong woman." he replies.
  • "We have a good marriage," says a wife, "because both of us love the same man - You!"
  • "You love football more than you love me," a woman complains. "Maybe so," her husband replies, "but I love you better than baseball."
  • "What do your husband and you have in common?" a counselor wondered. "One thing," the woman replied. "Neither one of us can stand the other."

The statements may be humorous, but they help illustrate the lowest common denominator  to which many marriages sink in exchanging insult  for insult, injury for injury. "

If you don't think you can feel words, think again...words hurt!


Rhapsody B. said...

I hear that, words are weapons, wheeled carelessly they can sever the spirit and ever torture the psyche.

I wrote a post on this called LIE ON AN OLD SAY: http://rappingonamelody.blogspot.com/2011/12/lie-on-old-saying.html, I also have a poem on it, which reminds me, perhaps I'll post it.

Thanks for sharing.
Stay blessed. have a fabulous week.


MOMSWEB said...

Just read it! AWESOME and needs to be posted several places on the world wide web!