Part IX - My Contact With The Other Woman

Several weeks of crying and anger prevailed. Lee and I discussed whether to stay married or not numerous times. He kept telling me how sorry he was for everything, but I was reluctant to believe him--and it's a good thing too. I was adamant and told him that if he wants us to stay together that he must never contact his affair partner again. Lee assured me that although he still had feelings for Pam that he would not contact her again. Lie!

I've always taken care of the bills and maybe because Lee didn't, he wasn't aware that phone calls actually show on the telephone bill. When I saw the country code for Cuba on it, my heart sank. Lee was at work so I couldn't confront him and I also had to take into account that he had male friends too. Maybe he called one of them? "No", I told myself, "it is hers." I developed a plan before calling; I was going to pretend to be Lee's younger sister. I then picked up the phone with shaky hands and sweaty palms and dialed.

Friend: "Hello."

Me: "Hi, is Pam there?"

Friend: "No, I'm her friend Emily, she's on leave at her parents. May I take a message?"

Me: "No, this is Lee's sister. Lee asked me to call Pam and get another number to reach her at because his wife found out about the affair."

Friend: "Oh."

Me: "Could you please give me the number to her parent's house? It's very important."

Friend (reluctantly): "Yes, the number is...."

After she gave me the number I immediately called the other woman. Her father answered the phone and as soon as he said, "just a moment", my heart began racing.

Pam: "Hello."

Me: "Hi, Pam. This is Donnie's wife. Please do not hang up on me, I need to ask you a couple of questions."

I verified all the affair details and learned Lee was truthful with the time frame and how they met. I assured Pam I was not angry with her but rather my husband because who knew what lies he fed her. She began crying and said, "I'm so very sorry. And, you know, whenever I came back from leave a friend of mine told me that Lee was seeing another person each time." We chatted a bit more and she said that she would never contact Lee again or answer his calls.

After I hung up I was both relieved and hurt. Relieved to learn that at least some truth came from my husband's lips and hurt because not only had he contacted her but that there was a possibility of another other woman.

Needless to say all hell broke loose when Lee arrived home from work later that evening and it lead to a special visitor from Michigan to come and take Ryan and I away...

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