Snoop Dog Keeping It Real in Marriage

Snoop Dog was on The View recently and was asked about the secret to keeping the spice in his 13 year marriage. Snoop's answer was to have a lot of arguments.  That's what I'm talking about...keeping it real. 
Snoop Dog and his wife were in the middle of  a divorce when Snoop decided to reconcile. Thank God they did because they are stronger than ever as they deal with their daughter's challenging disease, Lupus.

This is definitely one couple that has been through more than a few storms. Snoop's music and videos alone is enough to argue about, but to each his own. He obviously is married to the woman that was chosen specifically for him - one that can deal with his career, the videos, the women, the long hours, the media, etc...

Oh yea, guess what Snoop Dog calls his wife? Boss Lady!  Gotta love it!

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