Men of God and Marriage

I spoke with a woman yesterday about an upcoming writing workshop I'll be hosting for aspiring authors. I asked her what her book was about and she said it was regarding husbands not loving their wives. Hmmm... She continued by saying the husbands she'll be referring to are those in the church claiming to love God, but mistreat their wives at home. Hmmm....She also added that many of these men hold leadership positions in the church and her knowledge of countless women (herself included) who are in these marriages and feel compelled to stay in the marriage because the church says they should.

Hmmm...didn't I recently write something about why women stay in unhappy marriages? Wow. This is so sad, but obviously holds more truth than I care to believe. This woman is in her late sixties and has dealt with an unloving husband for many years. She is unable to verbally express herself, so she wants to write it.
She is a church going woman and led me to believe her husband holds a position in their church.

Enough is enough....I say again....the husbands aren't crazy for how they treat their wives. The wives are crazy for allowing it and for believing God wants them to remain in an abusive relationship.  This is called brainwashing - programming - CONTROL. This is WRONG and not even a little bit of it is right. Don't try to validate it - ABUSE IS WRONG. I don't care if it's mental, physical, verbal, or emotional - abuse is abuse and NO ONE should HAVE TO stay in an abusive relationship.

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jeff and rebecca said...

I agree that a woman should not be mistreated. I feel that if a man is in a bible teaching church, then the other men of the congregation should go to that man and let him know what God's Word says about how he should be treating his wife. He should be held accountable for his actions. The bible has a VERY clear message for men about how to love their wives. If a man is in a leadership position, then he certainly should be instructed in the way he should follow.