Working On Marriage

"Whew! Get another wife. I'm tired!"

That statement sounds so ugly, but I've said it before - in my mind. Hubby is high-maintenance and I must admit, I've gotten pretty tired of meeting his special needs as a man and as my husband. I mention in my book how a wife is called to be a helper to her husband, but can hardly help herself!

When I think about it, there have been plenty of other projects and endeavors that I've poured my heart and soul into and did whatever it took to make it work. Marriage is no different, but we tend to get comfortable with the one thing most important to us - our spouse.
Careers, education, social clubs, new businesses, ministry, you name it, when we want something bad enough we do whatever is necessary to make it work.

Marriage requires the same, if not more, energy, time, hard work, perseverance, and determination. How much time did you put in your job yesterday? How much time did you put in your marriage yesterday? We reap what we sow, so if things are not dandy like candy in our marriage, it's time to pull the sleeves up and work a little harder.

The un-happy moments we experience in matrimony are great reminders of the time we put into our marriage. The un-happy moments are like shocks of electricity that we need to do what is necessary to step back and re-evaluate our actions.

Get to work! Don't sleep on the job! Put in some overtime!
Do whatever it takes to make it work!

Of course we'll get tired, but we've got to keep on pushing!

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