No Friends Allowed!

A personal experience on friendship in marriage.

Telephone rings

Me: Hello

Woman Caller: May I speak to Kevin?

Me: Sure, who's speaking?

Woman caller turns into ignorant caller: I asked to speak to Kevin (with attitude!)

Me: hesitation - Just a minute. Hands hubby the phone and tells him to take care of his ignorant FRIEND.

Hubby: Begins conversation with ignorant caller and it's quite obvious he doesn't know how to tell his ignorant FRIEND she crossed the line in our new marriage. After all, they were FRIENDS!

Hubby: still talking

Me: looking at hubby like he's growing another bald head

Me: Decided to be the helpmate I was called to be, so I snatched the phone from hubby and HELPED him with his difficult situation. I explained to ignorant FRIEND that hubby is now married and please don't call and disrespect our home anymore.

Ignorant caller: explains she and hubby were FRIENDS before we married. She had the nerve to emphasize "BEFORE"

Me: can't say what I wanted to say, but kindly ended the conversation and hung up the phone because I realized I was dealing with a woman with no respect or understanding of MARRIAGE.

At church the very next day (YES, she went to church with us), this ignorant caller sat right in front of me and didn't say a word or acknowledge my presence. Ha! church folk! I made sure she saw me and I spoke to her. I wanted to snatch her hair and throw her with all her holy ignorance across the pews, but remembered I was supposed to have the mind of worship and not whipping behind. &^%$#!!!!!

Platonic relationships in marriage DO NOT WORK!

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