Parting Our Communication Curtains

Hubby was off work today and had an early appointment and a few errands to run.

Below is our morning conversation:

Me: Hey! Since you're off work today, you can take Firstborn to school!
Hubby: Uh....

Me: I sure would love you for it!

Hubby: I know you would.

Me: Well, would you, could you for a bear? Would you, could you, show you care?

Hubby: Uh...what are you going to be doing... just sitting at home?

Me: LOL Hysterically Uh....does that bother you?

Hubby: I get a day off and you want me to go all the way to the other side of town in the opposite direction of where I'm going? You would do that to me on my day off?

Me: laughing hysterically again - even louder. Can I blog about this?

Hubby: No, I'm not taking him. I know you would love me for it, but no, not today.

Me: Okay, repeat what you said again because I want to get this right on the blog. You're funny!

I walk into the kitchen to cook breakfast.

Later: Hubby walks in and says, "I'll take him."

Me: Silently screaming, mentally doing cartwheels while flipping pancakes. THANK YOU!

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