Part III - Dreams of Betrayal

During Lee's Med Cruise we mailed letters filled with hopes and dreams for our marriage and continually professed our love. The months passed by and soon we were both anxious with anticipation to be together once again. When reunion day came we couldn't keep our hands of each other and spent every spare moment listening to music, taking weekend getaways, visiting his folks, etc. On March 8, 1992, Lee came to me and said, "Why wait until June to get married? Let's get married next week!" Stunned but so thrilled he still wanted to marry me I excitedly screamed, "YES!" We married one week later.

Before we married Lee and I had discussed children. Both of us were products of divorce and were still hurt because we missed our mothers as children. We wanted better--I depart the military and would stay home; he would be the bread winner. It wasn't a religious decision, it was one based on our thoughts of what having a happy family entailed.

We bought our first home when we were twenty-one. The love between Lee and I was still very much obvious but we did argue a bit more due to the stress of home ownership and bills. We also had quite a few petty arguments, nothing major, but what married couple doesn't? Our sex life was amazing and we communicated often. In 1993, we decided to try to get pregnant--we succeeded in November.

I woke up in sweats, glaring at my husband through tears because the dream felt so real. He was with a faceless woman, they laughed at me as I cried after him--it was the first in a sequence of nightmares to become reality....

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