Part II - Drawn to Cheaters

Tired of dating jerks, I had sworn off men forever at the ripe old age of twenty. A few weeks later my girlfriend coaxed me to go a club but I didn't want to go. Still in my "man-hating" stage, I reluctantly went but wore no makeup, a pair of shoddy jeans, and pulled my hair back completely from my face. I had put my beer on the bench seat behind me and turned around to grab it for another sip. It was then I saw the beautiful blue eyes that would capture my heart staring back at me.

I was greeted with a smile and for the first time ever I actually made the first move and asked him to dance and he said, "Yes." And that is where our whirlwind romance started. We began dating regularly, doing all the things young people do and then some. A short while later we professed our love for one another and moved into an apartment just four months after meeting.
Lee was due to go on a six month Med Cruise for the Navy. We'd only been living together two months. A week before he was due to leave he asked me to marry him. Without hesitation, I jumped at the opportunity and replied, "Yes!" Lee and I were going to marry the following June.

Looking back, I realize both of us rushed things a bit. Perhaps that was one of our downfalls--we really didn't "know" each other. Between my dad not picking my sister and I up often, after living with a stepfather who shattered my self-esteem with emotionally abusive words, and the fact that every boyfriend I'd ever had cheated on me, I wanted to feel loved--and Lee gave me what I needed.

When I lived in the barracks during our dating period, Lee called me several times daily and would drive forty-five minutes to see me on the weekends, on his motorcycle no less, and despite freezing temperatures. He was gorgeous (still is 19 years later); Lee could have easily spent time with a girl much closer if all he cared about was a piece of ass. In essence, his love for me felt genuine and it was.

He proudly introduced me to his parents, step-parents, half-sisters, and grandma. When he was gone for six months his family took me in. They used to go on about how they were so happy to see Lee finally happy and how excited they were to have me as their daughter-in-law. But, there was one person who questioned the kind of man Lee was--my then best friend Ellen. "Kay, you'd better be careful, he's one of 'those' guys and he will end up breaking your heart." Unfortunately, at the time I thought Ellen was just jealous and didn't give her warning serious consideration. It wouldn't be long before her concerns were justified...

To be continued...

Dreams of Betrayal....coming January 25th

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