Part I - Support For Those Who've Decided to Stay

My intention for sharing my story is not to gain sympathy or pity, after all, I've chosen to stay and try and reconcile my marriage. However, there are other betrayed spouses--male and female--in a similar situation, trying to make their marriage work despite adultery. We share an unfortunate commonality, one that includes tremendous pain and much growth--they are the people I'm reaching out to.

Those, like me, going over repeatedly in their minds:

  • What went wrong?

  • How could I have prevented it?

  • How could my husband possibly love me and do this?

  • Am I responsible for his actions?

  • Can we really work through this?

  • Do I have to forgive to salvage my marriage first?

  • Should I spy?

  • What are his responsibilities?

  • Should I get revenge on the woman or women?

  • How do I deal with this hate?

  • How do I make it through triggers?

  • Should we tell the children?

  • Will I ever be able to trust him again?

  • And so much more.

Staying or leaving your partner when they've committed adultery is a personal choice, neither are easy decisions. My trust in my husband has been shattered. I'll be frank with you, I don't know if we will stay married. Only time can tell. For the time being, both of us want to try and reconcile our marriage. Make no mistake though, we are not rebuilding our marriage, for it was built upon lies. We need to build from the ground up. But first, a history of Lee and Kay.

Stay Tuned for Part II - Young And In Love... Drawn to Cheaters

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