Crazy Conflict in Marriage

Frequency of sex, how to spend money, how to discipline the children, practicing religion...or not, etc....

CONFLICT. Many marriages are ashamed or afraid to admit that conflict lives in their marriage. If you have a normal marriage, you have to have conflict. The only way to not have conflict in your marriage is to be married, but live separate lives - "You do your thing, and I'll do mine." I've actually said this to hubby before during one of our heated arguments discussions.

Conflict is a good thing and very important in a marriage! Well, let me put it this way - there is good conflict and there is bad conflict. How we handle our conflict is the key!

Marriage calls for two people with their own brain, ideas, and thoughts to make decisions together, solve problems, handle misunderstandings, and deal with miscommunication. If you sometimes argue, have disagreements, and think your spouse is crazy for some of the things they say and do, then you have a normal marriage - as abnormal as it seems.

Hubby and I are different in MANY areas of our life. When he's hot, I'm cold. When he's hungry, I'm not. He likes to spend, I like to save. He believes in living for the moment, I believe in planning for the future. He eats all types of meat, I eat only fish. He likes kool-aid, I like tea. He's a pack rat, I like to throw away. He likes science fiction, I like true stories. He likes buffet, I like to be served. I could go on, and on, and on, but how we deal with our likes and dislikes and our many differences of opinion on a DAILY basis is what will strengthen or break down our marriage.
Go ahead, enjoy that heated discussion, but keep the heat manageable. Conflict is crazy, but it's a part of a normal marriage.

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