Love The Hell Out Of Your Spouse

I'm perfectly aware that everyone doesn't have a spouse who is easy to love. Hubby and I have been there.

Yesterday, I baked heart shaped Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, and attached a love note to them for hubby... just because. Hubby was very appreciative and even booked a dinner date for us this weekend. Wow! It hasn't always been like this, thus the reason for this site.

There have been times where we've been so selfish, stubborn, and stuck on ourselves that it didn't matter what the other did. Better yet, don't even attempt because I'm not interested!

Bitterness and wounded emotions from past hurts play a big part in showing and receiving love. Playing teenage games and stirring up jealousy and insecurities only hinders love. I didn't learn to love until I got married. Being in love takes no effort, but loving in hard times is laborious!

Love is work. Love is about meeting your spouse's needs and desires without looking for immediate returns. Love is being able to put your feelings on the line regardless of the outcome. Love is being an example of the love of God - a love none of us will ever perfect. Love is being humble and considering your spouse's needs before your own. Yes, love is work and it's more difficult when the spouse is acting like a butt unlovable.

Someone in the marriage must be the love initiator to get the marriage on track. There were times when hubby and I waited on each other to make a move like we were playing chess - not realizing precious time in our life and marriage were passing by.

Everyone has a need for love - everyone. If your spouse seems to be a grouch or just in an ugly mood or flat out doesn't want to be bothered, love the hell out of them! Continue to show love until the hell is chased away. I'm a believer that love conquers all - I'm a witness!

Get ready for the long haul and put on your thick skin because it won't be easy.
Do it in the name of love - do your part!

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