Don't Be So Predictable!

This morning as I was saying goodbye to hubby, I wrapped my leg around him and kissed him goodbye. His eyes lightened up and he said, "Wow, where is that in the bedroom?"

I told my dear hubby that sex must begin in the morning, not just at night. I think it was the leg being wrapped around him that caught him off guard - I've never done that before - it wasn't the usual predictable kiss goodbye.

To keep a marriage from going stale, try something new! Be unpredictable! This doesn't mean ONLY the bedroom!

One of my most favorite songs is actually titled Unpredictable. I love it and often sing it to hubby to let him know....uh....can we do something else besides sit and watch t.v.? LOL!

I apologize if the content of the video offends you; try to concentrate on the words.

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