Love Yourself

I am well aware that yesterday was a very difficult day for many spouses - male and female.

If you had an okay day, thank God for it, but there are many couples who didn't, thus the reason for UN Happily Married.

As I mentioned before, I choose not to celebrate Valentine's Day to protect myself from being disappointed by my own expectations. I really hate dislike Valentine's Day because it stirs up so many sad emotions among a lot of people. What's the purpose? Why can't we show love everyday? I sure do try and it makes these once a year celebrations a whole lot easier to live through.

For the sake of my sons' future wives, I have to show them that their Mama isn't a woman completely crazy and void of emotion, so for breakfast everyone received a heart shaped pancake for breakfast and I baked our favorite chocolate cake for dinner - dessert of course. As far as exchanging gifts, cards, or special love taps between hubby and I - there was none and I was happy about it. It would have been a slap in my face if he had done anything out of the ordinary. I'm sorry, that's the way I see this man-made day and I'm glad it's over!

If you were disappointed, why not begin today by loving yourself. Why wait for the actions of another person to make you feel special and loved? You might be waiting a long time!

Living in a house full of men has definitely taught me that a man is going to take care of himself, so since I couldn't beat them, I joined them! I'm taking care of ME also!! Everyday, I do something special for ME. These small 'do me' treats don't cost a penny, but they are worth gold to my Self and my peace of mind!


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