Forgiving Your Spouse

Forgiveness is the most powerful tool I know in marriage. It has changed several things SUDDENLY in our marriage.

Even when I didn't think I had anything to ask for forgiveness about, asking for forgiveness opened amazing doors in our relationship.

When we've betrayed, lied, or done or said something to hurt our spouse, we don't expect immediate forgiveness. We naturally look for anger, ugly words, silence, and a few other hurtful yet deserving acts.

The act of forgiveness is so powerful because it shows love when love isn't deserved and love conquers EVERYTHING - I believe this with all my heart.

It doesn't matter if your spouse is doing something you don't agree with, has done something in the past that you can't forget, or has made choices unacceptable to you - they deserve forgiveness. Even if you are contemplating divorce, forgiveness changes the heart.

If you spend much of your time thinking of the actions of your spouse that anger you, you definitely need to forgive. Not only are you wasting precious mental space and time, but you are keeping yourself from moving forward in life! I know!

These constant unforgiving thoughts eventually will cause great stress, which leads to unnecessary health problems. Don't let unforgiveness kill you! Kill your spouse with love and forgiveness.

Coming next... A powerful forgiving moment that saved our marriage.

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Spirit Filled said...

Forgiveness really does open up a move of "power" that works all on it's own. I have had to (or am trying to) forgive my hubby for some hurtful things. Many times we sit in each others presents, and he is waiting for me to start an argument...but I don't. My focus is NOT on what he did to hurt me, but overcoming it. And by applying this principle, it allows him to be at ease, and look forward to our future together. See, he's waiting for me to respond to what he did. But the only thing he is love.