Do You Need Heart Surgery?

If this picture looks a little gross to your or maybe just plain nasty, just think if we could see our ugly actions and thoughts on our hearts. Now THAT would be gross!

It's hard to believe that we could be the cause of some of the 'unhappily' in our happily married life. Searching your own heart and your own thoughts may be a rude awakening.

I have to constantly check myself and especially my thoughts. Our negative thinking in life definitely spills over to our marriage.

  • Are you an optimistic person or do you find fault with everything and everyone?

  • Do you find the good in all situations?

  • Do you try to find good traits in others

  • Do you complain when it rains? Hmmm

  • Does your heart beat to the sound of music or mess

If you are a person that is never satisfied and constantly finding something to complain about, maybe it's time for a little heart surgery. Your marriage will not get better until YOU get better.

  • Check your thought

  • Check your actions

  • Check for any bitterness that may be lingering

  • Check for a complaining spirit

  • Check to see if you've given any compliments today. Hmmm


A little heart surgery is the perfect 'V' Day gift!

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