I Wanna Go Crazy

Hormones and Marriage DO NOT MIX.

Before - During - After

So, does this mean women get one good week being hormone free and maybe a chance at living chemically balanced.

Once a month, I turn into a single woman living a married life. Last night I looked at my husband and thought to myself...Who are you and what in the hell are you doing here?

This morning, I awoke and found my kitchen SPOTLESS clean and thought...Gosh, I love my husband!

The song below is quite appropriate for husbands and wives living with "the change" or just the "horror of hormones." I think you'll figure out which words I'm referring to. LOL

Oh, you don't experience this? Oh well, find another blog, this one is obviously NOT for you!

In case you can't hear the song...

I Wanna Go Crazy

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