Domestic Duties

Some of our most heated discussions in our marriage have been about the roles of the husband and wife.

I have NEVER read anywhere that it is the husband's or the wife's responsibility to do all the domestic work - cook, clean, laundry, etc...

Hubby is about as old school as old school gets and has always believed it was the wife's job to do the housework while the husband went to work.

Well, my last two years in the military, hubby was a stay at home dad and did all housework and laundry, but for some reason I always came home to a frozen chicken! What the ....?
I really didn't mind at the time because I let him know I just wanted him to keep my babies safe and sound. I appreciated that he would lay his ego down while surrounded by neighbors who were women also staying home with the children.

It wasn't until I retired that I had a problem with him expressing to me what my role was.
Yes, I chose to stay home and homeschool the boys and hubby had a hot meal EVERY day he walked in the door until one day I decided NOT to cook...

To be continued...

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