A Stormy Marriage

Hubby and I have been getting to know one another for over 15 years and we're still learning things about each other as we grow together and individually.

It takes time for a marriage to reach a point where simple things aren't escalated to unnecessary heights. One day, you'll be able to laugh at things you use to get upset about. Things that irritate you about your spouse will soon be overlooked or go unnoticed.

Time heals, teaches, restores, and strengthens. In this passing of time, troubles WILL come - it's guaranteed.

As you read these posts, please don't think our marriage is storm free. We still go through, yet our storms are not as turbulent. We've learned from our storms and almost drowned in a few, but we survived!

Learning how to be the husband or wife your spouse needs takes time - a lot of time.

Put on your rain coat and your rain boots and grab your umbrella - the storm is coming, but rest assure...your storm will pass.

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning how to dance in the rain." Author Unknown

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