What's For Dinner?

"What's for dinner?" Can't really explain this, but I truly dislike being asked this question when Hubby comes in from work. I think he has fun asking because it gets under my skin. Sometimes my response is, "Tongue." In other words, I didn't cook, so chew on your tongue or cook yourself. LOL

One day, Hubby came home to a cold kitchen. I had to do it - for myself. I actually enjoy having a hot meal waiting for him, but when a spouse begins to EXPECT things to be done, there's a problem. Hubby was opening and closing cabinets and the refrigerator like he was on a scavenger hunt for food.

I began to feel a little guilty, but why? Why in the world did I feel guilty for not cooking when I've done it every day since the day I retired? Hmph...I didn't like the feeling I had nor did I think it was fair to myself to feel that way, so that Friday was the beginning of all Fridays being a no cooking day for me.

Hubby will tell me continually, "You don't have to cook for me, I'll find something to eat." Although the sound of those cabinets opening and closing irritates me, he does find something and is quite capable of cooking.

Some couples share in the cooking, while others go with the flow from day to day, and unfortunately, there are some spouses who expect the wife to cook - "It's her job."


I never read that in the married manual! This is a lie that has been passed down for years and years and many women actually believe this - I did also.

Chauvinism, sexism, and subservient views taught and allowed in the home, workplace, marriages, and even the church is not right. My opinion! Am I a feminist? No, I am a child of God.

I'm also raising boys, future fathers and husbands, and they will not expect their wife to cook for them.

Coming soon...I am my husband's helper

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