Men Are Slobs!

One night, hubby and I were in the kitchen getting a snack and preparing to watch a movie together. The following is a short exchange of words we had in the kitchen.

Me - "Kevin, do you love me?"
Hubby - "Yes."
Me - "Will you do me a favor?"
Hubby - "Anything."
Me - "Will you wipe the counters off, so I can sit down and eat?"
Hubby - "Why do you want them wiped off?"
Me - looking at hubby like he has two heads - "Are you serious?"
Hubby - laughing at me
Me - "You're serious! Can I blog about this?"
Hubby - reaches for dish cloth and commences to wipe down the counters.

The answer to getting your spouse to clean up after themselves or to help clean PERIOD is to either do it yourself or be an example and hope that one year they begin to follow your lead. LOL

I'm aware that women can be as sloppy as men are, but "Men are slobs!" This is what my dear father told me yesterday after walking into the boys' room. He let them know he wasn't happy with the room and also told them it's wrong to expect a woman to clean their mess up.

A Man has confirmed it!!

Gosh, I love my father!

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