Initiating Date Night

Hubby reminds me quite frequently that men want to be asked out as much as women do. I have to be honest, I miss being courted by my boyfriend turned husband. The most exciting part of a relationship is the beginning when we're going waaaay out of our way to impress each other and dates are FREQUENT. As I think back, I did ask hubby out quite a bit and didn't think anything of it.

A surprise knock at the door with flowers, love notes, an unexpected kiss, a call to say, "I love you," or a spontaneous date were things we enjoyed in the early years of dating and even marriage, yet life happens - jobs take priority, children are born, and all of a sudden we're always tired.

Butts get glued to the sofa and instead of holding hands, we're holding the remote control, a good book, or a baby. Computer screens and cell phones take the place of our spouse's dreamy eyes.

We're blaming everything else on the economy, so why not date night? Too expensive! Let's settle for a Redbox or Netflix movie. You know what? Whatever works...just do something.

No more excuses! It doesn't matter who initiates the date, just do it! Does it matter who calls to see what time the movie starts or to see what's playing? Does it matter who drives? Does it matter who picks the restaurant?

My answer a year ago would have been, "Yes!"

Women want to be courted. We want to be pursued and desired, but let hubby tell do also.

Oh well, now that we know both husband and wife want to be asked out...who is going to initiate the date?

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