Marriage - Moods - Menopause

I don't want to be married anymore

This scary thought pops into my mind often when the menopause madness mood hits me.
I don't want to answer to anyone
I don't want to be bothered
I don't want to be looked it
I don't want to be touched
I just want to be left ALONE!

Thank God the mood doesn't linger. It could be minutes, hours, or days later and I'm back in love with hubby. CRAZY!

Recognizing what is going on with your body makes a difference. I could either allow this thought to marinate or make sure I do what is necessary to balance my mental state and my hormones.

Next post, I'll share the many symptoms women experience through the peri-menopause/menopause season. You may have all of them or just a few, but it's good to be aware.

Where Did That Come From?

"Where did that come from?"

This is a question I hear from my husband a lot lately because peri-menopause has taken over the part of my brain that controls my mouth. I thought I spoke my mind before, but NOW I really, really speak my mind.

Knowing what is going on with my peri-menopausal mind and body allows me to at least try to control my free tongue, but oftentimes it gets away from me. 

"Where did that come from?" I ask myself this question when uninvited words and emotions fly without control. My goodness...I thought PMS was bad.

Thank God there is medicine and other alternative products to assist women in getting through this life transition. Me? I'm trying to do it without the hormone replacements and concentrate on good nutrition, exercise, soy products, prayer/meditation, and whatever else offers peace of mind.

Kevin is truly a trooper as I go through my life changing symptoms such as night sweats and mood swings. I asked him what he thought about this whole menopause matter and he said, "Just teach me about it, so I won't have to hit you in the head." Ooookay...but not if I hit you in the head first, dear hubby!

Menopause and Marriage

Menopause and Marriage - Does it mix?

Uh.....this is another topic rarely discussed among women and it's something we will ALL experience on some level.

I'm in the peri-menopause stage now and let me tell you....this is not a fun ride for me or Kevin.  Peri-menopause is the looooong journey before full menopause (end of menstrual flow) occurs.

Young women, take notes! Take care of your body NOW!

The next few posts, I'll share my own experiences plus a few experiences of close friends as we endure peri-menopause and menopause in marriage.

Symptoms will be discussed and resources will be shared.

Stay tuned....stay informed....and stay married through your menopause!

Sick Husbands

Hubby is an extremely hard worker and it is funny as heck to watch my 6'3" man turn into a baby when he becomes ill. It's tooo funny! I have a hard time adjusting to his child-like ways and he definitely looks for the motherly compassion that I have to dig deep to deliver.

It comes natural for me to play nurse maid to our sons, but a man in pull ups is hilarious to me. Is he serious? What ever happened to, "You're not my mother." Make up your you want me to be your mother or not?"

Not all men are like this - some are just the opposite. You can't get them to admit they feel bad, take medicine, or go to the hospital.

I think the funniest part about men getting sick is that they are never too sick to get busy in the bedroom.  Wait a minute...I thought you were sick!

Sharing Her Struggle

Building a Pure Marriage

By Robin Weidner

"He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me." – Psalm 18:19
Almost every week, I receive an e-mail from a woman from somewhere across the country whose marriage has been shaken to the very core by impurity. With a note of desperation, she expresses her anguish, fear and anger. Each of these women explain their mate's plunge into impurity – everything from addiction to pornography to being arrested for voyeurism.

Why do they contact me for help with such heart-rending struggles? Not because I'm a professional counselor (which I'm not). Rather, because I'm a fellow struggler who, through many tears, much prayer and abundant mercy from God, has found a good and spacious place.

There have been moments where I didn't think my husband Dave and I would make it. Although he had fought impurity since he was 12, his battle with sexual addiction took him places I never dreamed could be part of a Christian marriage. And as the firstborn daughter of an alcoholic, I was well versed in codependency. Eventually, the near break-up of our marriage thrust us both into recovery, including extensive counseling.

Yet, priceless gifts have resulted from our battles. Sexual addiction drove me to the depths of insecurity, but also into the arms of my God – culminating in my first book. I've traveled extensively, speaking and hearing women's stories. Eventually, Dave and I decided to come forward with our battles, and we started doing purity seminars.

The journey has been one that I would have never chosen for myself, but nonetheless a testimony to the redemptive power of God.

Ditch The Dream!

Excerpt From "We Snap in Silence"

Ditch the Dream

My unrealistic expectations of my husband took me to a pool of dissatisfaction and I began to ask the question, "What happened?" Not only were these expectations unfair to him, they were damaging our marriage. I began planning my dream wedding when I was in high school by purchasing brides books and imagining exactly what my wedding  would be like. Little emphasis was put on my marriage because all my attention was put on the wedding ceremony.  I had a dream and expected my husband to help make my dream come true. He didn't have a chance! I set him up for failure from the very beginning. When I shared my feelings of discontent with him, he was confused.

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Second Time Around

Hubby and I were recently talking about second marriages and I said I didn't understand why people remarried. You couldn't pay me enough to marry again if hubby and I divorced or if he died.  Yeah, I know...I say that now, but I honestly believe this is one thing I'm veeery sure of. 

Anyway, after I expressed my very strong feelings, hubby said, "I don't understand why people remarry either."  I laughed soooo hard because he was so serious, BUT this is hubby's second marriage!

After I composed myself, he said, "I'm for real, this (our marriage) is nothing but God.

Never say never!