Snoop Dog Keeping It Real in Marriage

Snoop Dog was on The View recently and was asked about the secret to keeping the spice in his 13 year marriage. Snoop's answer was to have a lot of arguments.  That's what I'm talking about...keeping it real. 
Snoop Dog and his wife were in the middle of  a divorce when Snoop decided to reconcile. Thank God they did because they are stronger than ever as they deal with their daughter's challenging disease, Lupus.

This is definitely one couple that has been through more than a few storms. Snoop's music and videos alone is enough to argue about, but to each his own. He obviously is married to the woman that was chosen specifically for him - one that can deal with his career, the videos, the women, the long hours, the media, etc...

Oh yea, guess what Snoop Dog calls his wife? Boss Lady!  Gotta love it!

I Surrender!

 Wow. It's been a while since I posted!

What have hubby and I been up to? Not much. Just living life and taking our unhappily moments as they come and loving each other through each one.

I've been learning to not have to have the last word when we have heated discussions. I know I'm right, but I'm learning I don't always have to prove it. LOL!  I'm not being silent in an ugly way (I don't think I am), but in a way to show I can disagree without being disagreeable. I'm surrendering my words, my pride to be right, and my opinion. I hope I'm making sense.

Through my surrender of opinion, we both have time to process what is being said and how crazy both of us sometimes sound. This definitely invites more peace in the home and withing MYSELF! It's almost scary to know that most of the heat from our heated discussions was coming from me. WHAT?! It takes two to tango, so if one shuts up...there is no tango - only sweet tang.

It comes a time in a couple's marriage that some things just have to die - attitudes, pride, selfishness. I guess this is why older couples always seem to be at peace with one another. They've had all the arguments and heated discussions. They've dealt with selfish ways and prideful point making in conversations. They've realized that what is important is harmony and happiness in a marriage. They've realized their time together is limited and tomorrow is not promised.

Marriage is definitely an evolution and it makes a happy oneness when we learn to surrender ourselves and let our spouse win. I surrender!

Men of God and Marriage

I spoke with a woman yesterday about an upcoming writing workshop I'll be hosting for aspiring authors. I asked her what her book was about and she said it was regarding husbands not loving their wives. Hmmm... She continued by saying the husbands she'll be referring to are those in the church claiming to love God, but mistreat their wives at home. Hmmm....She also added that many of these men hold leadership positions in the church and her knowledge of countless women (herself included) who are in these marriages and feel compelled to stay in the marriage because the church says they should.

Hmmm...didn't I recently write something about why women stay in unhappy marriages? Wow. This is so sad, but obviously holds more truth than I care to believe. This woman is in her late sixties and has dealt with an unloving husband for many years. She is unable to verbally express herself, so she wants to write it.
She is a church going woman and led me to believe her husband holds a position in their church.

Enough is enough....I say again....the husbands aren't crazy for how they treat their wives. The wives are crazy for allowing it and for believing God wants them to remain in an abusive relationship.  This is called brainwashing - programming - CONTROL. This is WRONG and not even a little bit of it is right. Don't try to validate it - ABUSE IS WRONG. I don't care if it's mental, physical, verbal, or emotional - abuse is abuse and NO ONE should HAVE TO stay in an abusive relationship.