It's Not About You

When you get married, it's no longer about you - about your needs - about your happiness, but it's about your spouse. Putting your spouse's needs before your own is just one small factor to a successful marriage.

Short-Lived Marriages

In marriage days of old, couples stayed married regardless of what was going on. The fifty, sixty, and even seventy year wedding anniversaries will be few and far between with the present generations. Divorce is so frequent. Women these days put up with very little. When they've reached their limit, they're gone. No more years of forgiveness for unfaithfulness.

 Back in the day, the couple would just sleep in separate beds or even separate rooms and call it a night. Funny how things change, but it's a reality how people change. As the people change, circumstances change and because many of us don't like change, the divorce card is played. Waaay too easy!

Long lasting or short-lived, the concept of marriage has changed with the changing world, however, keep your marriage sacred and set apart from the opinions of society. If you choose to stay, stay. It's really no one's business! If you choose to leave,'re the one that has to deal with what no one sees behind closed doors.

After all, a closed door doesn't mean it's locked.