Television will edit shows to allow viewers to see only what they want us to see and hear, but last night while watching The Amazing Race, I saw something that disturbed me. One married couple made it to the final three and on the final leg of the race; the husband belittled and degraded his wife’s performance. She busted her butt to help get them to the finals; however, she did not meet his high expectations of being a winner.

She mentioned that he expects her to be the perfect woman. While she sniffled and apologized for her performance, I waited for him to apologize for his verbal abuse, but that part must have been edited out. All I heard him say was, “It’s okay.” Another part that must have been edited was her response to his ugly words; her lips never parted to correct him – never. Ladies, we are daughters of a King, which makes us royalty. Those of us who are married, we are  gifts to our groom.

Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and we weren’t created to allow verbal, mental, emotional, or physical abuse to or against our temple. LOVE DOESN’T HURT. For various reasons, the holidays increase all types of abuse, so please be aware of this. The couple from The Amazing Race was in a stressful situation and of course tempers flare and we act out of character (or maybe true character) during stressful times, but there is no excuse or validation for repeated abuse.

I speak boldly about this because I’ve been there. I’ve been verbally, mentally, and even physically abused. I allowed a live-in boyfriend to repeatedly beat me. I went to another woman for counsel and she told me to stand by my man. Really? I know better now – LOVE DOESN’T HURT. Ladies, love yourself enough to protect your temple from abuse. If you need help, seek wise counsel. LOVE DOESN’T HURT.