Speak My Love Language!

Do you know your spouse's love language?

 I've shared the Five Love Languages in a previous post and it's worth sharing again.
Hubby and I are facilitating a class titled, The Five Love Languages, and it's been a lot of fun. The other couple facilitating the class with us are genuine and open, which makes a difference in how the class is received.

So, back to my original question. Do you know your spouse's love language? Knowing it can change your marriage! We often speak a language comfortable to us or speak our own language, not realizing we may be neglecting our spouse's love language.

  • Love Language #1 - Words of Affirmation
  • Love Language #2 - Quality Time
  • Love Language #3 - Receiving Gifts
  • Love Language #4 - Acts of Service
  • Love Language #5 - Physical Touch
In the upcoming weeks, I'll share a little about each love language.  To read more about the Five Love Languages and to take an assessment to learn your love language, click here