Are Women Equal to Men?

I always knew this, but it actually came out of his mouth.  My husband doesn't believe men and women are equal because man was created first. Oh. my. goodness.

Honey, I knew you were old school, but this is back in the woods NO school thinking. Sigh....God help me.

My response to hubby? I simply said, "Goodnight Irene."
"Marriage is like going to a dance. Ask your partner to dance even if you don't like the current song playing."  me


I appreciate my husband going to work everyday - really, I do.

I use to homeschool our two sons, but they are both in school now and I am still at home. I'm sure hubby thinks I cook and clean all day, but I don't. I'm a writer, so I try to spend a few hours reading and writing everyday.  I refuse to cook and clean all day, but sometimes that's how the day goes. There is always something to do. 

Kevin gets a hot meal when he leaves the house every morning and a hot meal when he returns home - except on Fridays unless I just feel like cooking, which is rare. The least I can do for my working husband is feed him, right?

Kevin says he acknowledges what I do in the home as work, but he sure reminds me that he "WORKS" every day.  He actually puts emphasis on the word "work." Okay, so what exactly are you trying to imply? That I don't work? Just because I don't leave the house and interact with co-workers and customers doesn't mean I don't work.

Today, I wasn't going to "work."  I was going to relax with the boys and just enjoy the day. You know, take it easy. Before Kevin left for work this morning, he points out two bills that need to be paid. He's old school, so few bills are paid online, which means I have to leave the house, use unnecessary gas, and pay the bills in person. Good grief! Are you trying to make me "work?"

He also adds that I can go grocery shopping, but not to spend too much money. What? Today? Well, there goes my relaxing day! Sometimes I wonder if he finds things for me to do because he wants me to "work."

Regardless of what hubby thinks, I really do appreciate him getting up and going to work everyday.  Men take pride in providing for their family and I especially take pride in hubby providing for us because I can stay at home and "work." 

Speaking of "work," I guess I need to get up off my butt and get to "work." The boss left a list of things to do.  A woman's "work" is never done.

Sigh...hen is my day off!


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