Birthday Blessings

Hubby came through with flying colors on my birthday. Being a writer, you'd think I'd have the latest and greatest equipment and programs to do what I do best, but I don't. I'm old fashioned and still use a pen and a pad of paper to write. I still use an old program of Word and Outlook. Funny huh? Well, hubby hooked me up for my birthday. He even purchased a few of my favorite things. It's good to know that your spouse knows what you like and what you need. It shows they are paying attention to the little things that bring you joy.

I admit, I'm not an easy person to shop for. Hmph...I'm not an easy person to do anything for! So, for hubby to bless me the way he did, he gets brownie points for the rest of the year.  The longer we're married, the more we get to know each other and understand one another. We THOUGHT we knew each other when we said, I Do, but it takes years to merge into a oneness.

For those of you who are left wondering on birthdays and anniversaries, I've been there, done that, and have the t-shirt. It gets better over time, so hang in there and I choose to believe the spouse is doing the best they can!

Updating My Marriage!

If my frequency to write on this site is any indication to how I treat my marriage, I'm headed for destruction. It's been a while since I posted here...LIFE happens. The family gets busy and I get distracted, so certain things are put on the back burner.

I tend to treat my marriage the same way - placing it on the back burner until I remember..."Oh! my husband needs some attention; he's supposed to be first!" Oops... As I mentioned, LIFE happens and the family gets busy, but keeping marriage a priority is so crucial. This weekend, I'll have to do a few special things to let hubby know he's still number one. Whether I feel like doing anything or not, letting time go by without nurturing your spouse takes a toll on the marriage.

Just as I've neglected this site, my husband has been neglected also. Do I feel neglected? LOL! Of course I do, but I must do MY part. Remember, how our spouse treats us is not our business. That's between them and God. I must do MY part and be accountable for my own actions! It doesn't matter if the spouse is understanding or not and it doesn't matter if they are guilty of this also. Every spouse wants to feel validated, feel special, and know they are number one!

I feel better knowing I've updated this site, so I KNOW I'll feel better updating my marriage! It's time for renewal!

Be good to your spouse!