You Don't Control Me!

I’ve been assisting a gentleman get a program off the ground and he’s a little bossy. I think he forgets that I’m not his employee; I volunteered to help him. I don’t like being told what to do – at all. Anyway, I had to put this Mister in his place. You don’t tell me what to do; you ask me.  Who does he think he is – Mr. Control? I’m sure it’s just his nature, but it doesn’t mesh with my nature at all; I have my own control issues.
I know wives with controlling husbands or married to a man who has taken the “leader” position to an ungodly level. No woman should be afraid to stand up or speak up for herself. No wife should be afraid to spend money or come and go as she pleases – within reason, of course. 
I understand we need someone to be accountable to in marriage, but who is the man being accountable to for his spending and his going and coming?  I’m just asking! My attitude is justified. I’m aware of too many unhappy wives who are being submissive to raggedy husbands – husbands who are verbally or mentally abusive, controlling, and some are cheating. Let’s not even speak of physical abuse – no excuse for it at all. My attitude is probably why I’ve had issues in my own marriage. Only God controls me. 
Some of you may not agree and that’s fine; but I make no apologies for speaking up when something just doesn’t seem right, and control in marriage IS NOT RIGHT. There is a way to treat and speak to a woman. We are precious jewels – daughters of a King, and we deserve to be treated and talked to as such. I’m sorry, Mister, but you don’t control me…my God does! Maybe this is the root of the problem with submission. If husbands were led by God, wives would gladly follow!