Prayer in Marriage

 I've waited so long to begin posting about spiritual warfare in marriage because I really didn't know where to begin!  Marriage is an everyday spiritual battle - for me. If you are striving to please God in your marriage, there is NO WAY you can escape being tested and tried from day to day. Satan's job is to steal, kill, and destroy - marriage is not excluded.

One important thing to remember is the power of prayer. Many make the mistake and pray only when the marriage is in trouble. From my own experience, I've learned to pray throughout the day as if I'm going through a storm and can't see my way out. No, I don't go around chanting prayer or scripture out loud, but I am always aware of the possibility of an unexpected 'outbreak' in my marriage, so I stay in fighting position - in prayer.

I pray for my husband before I get out of bed in the morning, I cover him in prayer as he prepares for work, I pray for him on his way out the door, I pray for him with every thought I have of him throughout the day. The wonderful part of this is that he has no idea how often I pray for him. I also pray for myself throughout the day to stay connected to my power source in order to be the loving woman God created me to be. When my connection is not secure, I'm a lose cannon waiting to aim and fire.

I haven't always been a prayer warrior. I THOUGHT I was a prayer warrior. Maybe within the last year is when I truly understood the power of praying without ceasing in my marriage. Oh how I wish I had been a praying woman in my earlier years of marriage. 

Just when you think it's safe to stop praying, your marriage will be shaken. There is no time to get comfortable in marriage and not pray.  A simple word can be spoken to start an argument, your spouse may be missing in action, the past may trigger an unhappy thought, or a simple misunderstanding becomes a complicated mess.

Prayer can prevent a happy day turning sour....

to be continued....

Awww, You Shouldn't Have!

Before I begin the series on Spiritual Warfare in Marriage, I need to share how my consistent prayers have been working. Read  this

I will NOT complain...each act of kindness, regardless how small, should be acknowledged!

No More Prayers?

 "I'm tired of praying for my husband!"

I hear this comment more than you'll ever believe.  So many women are at the end of their rope and are tired of praying for their husbands and seeing no results. Are there really no visible results or are we looking for a miracle? I say 'we' because I've made that statement before myself. Although I always end up back in prayer position, we do get weary sometimes. Marriage is a battle.

I've come to the conclusion that a wife's CHARGE to help her husband is not an option, but an order - a command...if you believe in God's marriage.  Only the strong will survive and although you may get mentally and spiritually beat up, you win if you don't give up. I will share in upcoming posts how to remain spiritually strong in the battle of marriage.

It's easy to throw in the towel. God knows I use to keep a towel ready and recently looked for my towel.    After I BOLDLY shared the power of  prayer in marriage, Miss Flesh showed her behind! My, my, my!

Endurance, Perseverance, Obedience, Determination. These qualities are CRUCIAL in a marriage.

Stay tuned for Spiritual Warfare in Marriage