"I Do!"

I haven’t blogged in a while because I’ve been speechless. I guess for a blog, I can say I've been wordless. 

I’m saddened by the number of marriages in my circle going through difficult times and I’m even more saddened by the ones pretending everything is okay. It’s no secret, marriage is difficult – downright hard as hell, especially if you don’t work at it.

Saying “I Do” was only the ignition for the fire. Just like a car...if all you do is start it up every time you get in it, then expect the car to stop running one day.  The oil needs to be checked and changed periodically, the tires need air, the transmission needs fluid, and even something as small as the windshield wipers need attention. They need fluid to work properly and you NEVER know when it might rain. The same is with a marriage, you NEVER know when your marriage may be hit by a storm, so it's best to be prepared. Do your part with the maintenance plan of your marriage.  

Saying, “I Do” has very little to do with the work a marriage requires, but saying, “I Do” is definitely agreeing to hard times in your marriage. We focus so much on the wedding plans, we forget the marriage is planning something for you! Most of us had no idea the plans our marriage had in store for us. I know I was KNOCKED OFF MY FEET! After eighteen years, we still go through.

God promised we would have trials and hard times, marriage IS NOT excluded. The foundation of the world and the church is a strong marriage, so of course marriages will often stand on shaky ground. 

You really don’t get to know a person until you say, “I Do.” I don’t know what it is about those two magical words, I Do, but it’s almost saying I do to revealing your true self, exposing your baggage that wasn’t visible at the alter, and taking the mask off that was worn throughout the dating stage.

Welcome to the land of "I Do."  Do you? Really? 

Stay tuned...I'm no longer wordless.