Set Me Free

It appears you have the perfect family – you live in a nice neighborhood, you and your spouse have decent jobs, your children are well mannered, and when others see you together, you make a beautiful picture. It's a picture everyone admires and wants to emulate. If we look closely at your picture, we notice a major flaw - your heart. You are unhappy and held captive by destructive thoughts of your husband and your marriage you can’t control. You’ve been betrayed with heartless acts or words from your husband and they continually rewind in your mind making your life an upsetting rerun.

Set me free! Free me from my mind, my thoughts, and myself, so I can heal and move forward! You just can’t seem to shake it, so you’re forced to hide behind your makeup to cover your pain and tears. You’ve had thoughts of walking out, yet thoughts of your children encourage you to stay. You probably even think you’re a fool for staying. How do you deal with this from day to day? You just go through the motions not realizing you’re living your life from the outside looking in. You want to play a more active role, yet can’t. You involve yourself with your family, yet it’s just your body;your heart is dormant. You’re exhausted from acting as if everything is okay and upset that your husband believes the marriage is just fine. You pray for strength, yet your faith is shaken, your spirit is bruised and you wonder if you really want to save the marriage.

How do I know this? How did I describe you so well? I’ve been there and this is how I know PERFECT PEACE. I’ve been through a long, intense storm not knowing if I’d survive, yet I’m here! God saved me from the storm, restored my joy, and placed my marriage on solid ground. No, it wasn't easy, yet the only way you lose is if you give up! I KNOW only a living God is able to set you free from your pain, negative thoughts, and yourself. As a spiritual woman, I can’t express enough the awesome power of prayer. Just because you don’t see signs of change or improvement, doesn’t mean God isn’t working. Marriage isn’t easy and we don’t have the strength, energy, or power to change anything or anyone, yet God has ALL POWER and yes, HE IS ABLE.

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