When Adultery Knocks

Sigh...adultry...one of the most selfish acts of betrayal in a marriage.

Most women would agree the thought of their husband having an affair has crossed their mind. Unfortunately, the thought became a reality for many.

Embarrassing, devastating, unbelievable, life-changing, confusing, plus many more emotions visit the hearts of wives who have poured out their life to make a happy home and keep their husband satisfied - so they thought.

So, what does a woman do? Is adultery cause for divorce? Must one forgive? Does continual forgiveness ever turn into the act of enabling?

If adultery knocks at your door, only you can answer. Only you can make a decision on whether to leave or stay. Friends, family, counselors, or pastors can give you advice, counsel and suggestions, but you are the one living, sleeping, and looking in the face of your spouse everyday. You must make the decision for yourself - a decision you will be judged on, but nevertheless...the decision is yours.

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