Don't Let Religion Run Your Husband Away

As a spiritual woman, I strive to become more Christ-controlled in all my actions - especially towards hubby. What I don't want to do is drive hubby away as I 'get closer' to God.
Church-going wives sometimes have difficulty in this area. We cross the line from living a holy life to being holier than thou husband.

I have to remind myself (still) that I am not my husband's self appointed judge. I use to think I was doing the right thing by quoting scripture, correcting, and being an example to hubby. Oh yea, I was being an excellent example - of how to be a hypocrite. I was so holy that I was no earthly good - to anyone.

The conversation in my marriage, the sex, intimacy, fun, and everything else was sucked out of it because I didn't know how to be a fun-loving, Christian wife.

I'm much better now. I may not like the horror and guts hubby enjoys watching, but I will sit and watch TV with him (sometimes), instead of saying what the Bible says about it. I have my limits and he knows what they are.

I may not agree with some of the food or the amount hubby eats, but instead of telling him to take better care of his temple, I'll just shut up and not hide the cookies I'll eat later. I don't eat pork, chicken, or beef, but I'll kill for chocolate.

I may not want to try fun things in the bedroom, but the missionary position gets old to a man. Have you ever heard that a man likes a lady on his arm during the day and a freak in the bed at night. Church women don't like to hear this, but many men will agree this is true.
Sometimes we gotta mount that horse and ride in the night.

Relax a little, laugh instead of complain, recognize your own faults, throw that stiff necked shirt away, make a mud pie instead of being the stick in the mud, leave God's son ALONE, learn to love and accept him right where he is because this is the example of the love and forgiveness that draws a husband closer to his wife.

If you think I was holier than thou, you must read this true story we've been following.

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