Masturbation in Marriage - Is it okay?

The Red Flags post brought much discussion to my email and I appreciate those who aren't afraid to be honest. How boring it would be if we all thought the same!

Masturbation is more common that I was aware of in my private, little reserved world and it seems many therapist encourage couples not to make a big deal about masturbation if both husband and wife communicate their needs and accept that masturbation is okay and healthy for THEIR marriage, yet another group says masturbation is wrong and unhealthy in marriage.

I'd like to share an email I received:

"Masturbation is a very good thing! My husband travels and I would NOT have made it through months of separation and he wouldn't have either! Masturbation is MUCH better than turning to someone else for satisfaction and I'm so glad there is that option."

Below are a couple of websites I came across as I did some research on masturbation in marriage before sharing this post. There are pros and cons, so once again - find out what works best in YOUR marriage. Communication is key!

Can Masturbation Ruin a Marriage?

The Marriage Bed


Anonymous said...

Yes, masturbation in a marriage is OK. But yes, it can ruin a marriage.

Those two positions are easily reconciled. Masturbation can ruin a marriage where it interferes with intimacy, as when one partner prefers masturbation to his or her partner.

But where it's just a pleasure release, used when the partner is unavailable, then it's OK and, if approached with the right attitude, contributes to marital satisfaction.

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